"Pitch-4" and its four functions:

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Divot  Tool

The open "Pitch-4" is comfortable to handle and serves its purpose as a useful  divot tool.

Ball Marker

The ball marker ist between the fork. With your thumb, push down the "Pitch-4" ball marker to mark the original spot of the golf ball.

Club Stand

Push the open  "Pitch-4" into the grass and lay the golf club on the dent of the  shoehorn.


The  integrated shoehorn is always on hand.

More advantages of "Pitch-4":

Pin  it on your trousers while playing.

There  it is always available and can easily
be used with one hand

"Pitch-4"  is a world innovation and available in:

-  different colors
- with and without print
- in a re-usable wrapper (top not sealed)

With an imprint of your clubhouse logo or company logo, "Pitch-4" becomes an excellent advertising gift.

We are looking for partners / sales representatives to present "Pitch-4" in Germany, Europe, and worldwide!