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Dear Golf Friends!

As a passionate golf player for over 10 years, I have always had the same problems:

I  am ready to play, but I cannot find a shoehorn
My golf club is lying in the wet grass
Where is my ball marker?
How do I repair dents and divots?

For  years I was looking for a divot tool to solve these problems - unfortunately, I could not find one.
Therefore, I developed a compact and light divot tool with four integrated functions called "Pitch-4"

"Pitch-4" is made of high-quality synthetic material used in the automobile industry - virtually indestructible.

"Pitch-4"  unites four functions in one tool:

 "Pitch-4" can be folded; therefore, the points cannot damage trouser  pockets or other materials.

I  am pleased to show you this innovation and hope you will be as enthusiastic as I am.

Sincerley, Hans Tiefel

Tel: 0049-911-754546